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Verification and Validation

Esterline AVISTA's capabilities in software verification and validation set the standard for mission critical project engineering, consistently delivering on-time and on-budget results to our clients. Our verification expertise is rooted in more than two and a half million engineer hours and over 1,000 projects completed — nearly all including requirements for verification and validation in software or system deliverables. AVISTA's expertise extends from aerospace to defense to medical electronics applications, and across their respective regulatory guidelines and standards.

Commitment to highest level of quality assurance. AVISTA maintains an independent quality assurance team to ensure a rigorous verification and validation process. We use a wide range of commercial and proprietary software and systems, and various tools and processes. Requirements-based testing is part of our culture. Our goal is not to produce tests, but to "wring out the software" to find all its problems. The tests are comprehensive and requirements-traceable, and are architected for legacy archival, ensuring the test suite can be pulled up and exercised again and again during the many years of deployment and enhancements expected from typical safety-critical embedded systems.

At AVISTA, planning for the verification and validation effort is a strategic exercise, not an afterthought or cursory assignment left to junior staffers. Hundreds of projects developed under strict certification guidelines and standards such as DO-178B, DO-254 or FDA 510(k) have honed AVISTA's investigatory skills in problem discovery and efficient test development. Verification and validation are an integral part of the AVISTA development life-cycle.



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