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Automated Test Environments

AVISTA automated test environments

Esterline AVISTA Engineering Services provides complete support to develop test-automation software and hardware. We can create white-box, black-box, and hybrid silver-box solutions for evaluation of internal system structures and external functionality.

Software experience

  • Certified LabVIEW developer
  • TestStand
  • Python, JavaScript, Lua, and Ruby
  • Ada, C/C++, .NET, C#, and Java

Hardware experience

  • Station design and fabrication
  • Cable design and fabrication
  • Station self-test
  • Build-to-print

Project examples

  • Esterline control panel assembly test system (CPATS): comprehensive testing of aircraft control panels in engineering and production facilities
  • Medical-device factory tester: functional testing at board (CCA) and final assembly levels for implantable medical devices and mobile charging systems
  • Satellite communications unit test system: status monitoring of UUT transmitters; detection and reporting of undesired UUT shutdowns and resets

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