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Since 1917, SOURIAU designs, manufactures and markets high-performance and high-reliable interconnection solutions for severe environments for aviation, defense & space, heavy industry (railway and mass transit, nuclear, oil & gas) and industrial equipment markets. At the leading edge of technology, SOURIAU connectors are designed to withstand the harshest environments including extreme temperatures, high vibration and highly corrosive fluids. SOURIAU has a worldwide presence and was acquired by Esterline in July 2011 to become Esterline Connection Technologies.

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Based in California since 1958, and with a firm presence in aerospace and military markets, SUNBANK is the world’s second-largest producer of accessories for electrical wiring harness connectors and conduits. Acquired by Esterline in 2013, SUNBANK significantly reinforced Esterline Connection Technologies as the interconnectivity platform of Esterline.

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