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Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-2600i SureSight® I-Series™ Sensor

What are the improvements in image processing?

The enhancements are tied to the processing of the signals between the digital output from the Focal Plane Array and the RS-170 output for display on a Head-Up Display (HUD) or a Head-Down Display (HDD). These improvements enhance the balance between the display of high intensity sources (hot spots) and the display of other, less intense, scene content. This is particularly important when operating in light to medium fog conditions.

Is the CMA-2600i replacing the CMA-2600?

CMC will continue to manufacture the CMA-2600 for its existing customers. With the improvements made through the CMA-2600i, it anticipates customers to gradually migrate to the improved configuration.

What improvements are you making in the optics and IR wave band filtering?

CMC is improving the optical path on the camera and is adding filters to better segregate the IR bands of interest, i.e. 1-2 microns and 3.5-5 microns, and also to enhance the balance between the capture of high intensity radiation (hot spots) and the capture of other, less intense, radiation generated by the surrounding scene. This improvement complements well the improvements in video processing, also part of this new Integrated Sensor System (ISS).

Who is the launch customer?

Rockwell Collins Inc., Head-up Guidance Systems is the launch customer as the supplier of the Enhanced Flight Vision System for Bombardier Aerospace's Challenger 605.

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