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Avionics Computers


PU-3000 Series

PU-3000 Certified Processing Unit
PU-3000 Certified
Processing Unit

The PU-3000 series of Avionics Computers is the third generation of Avionics Computers from CMC. These computers include a high-performance multi-core processing capability, an array of graphics performance options (from Quad Head Graphics Processing Units to software based rendering engines), and a vast set of interfacing options. Equipped with the Arinc 653 compliant MOSArt platform services, these Avionics Computers are capable of hosting multiple high-demanding software applications developed to varying Design Assurance Levels, up to and including DAL A.





  • FV-4000 - 3 MCU & 5 MCU
  • CMA-5000 Integrated Avionics Computer

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