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Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-5000 Integrated Avionics Computer (IAC)

What benefits does the CMA-5000 have over other mission computers?

The CMA-5000 is a single unit (lower weight, higher reliablity) that includes FMS, GPS and HUD driver cards, while still leaving ample processing capability for display generation.

What kind of partioning does the CMA-5000 offer?

The CMA-5000 offers both hardware and software partioning. For this reason, customization to mission functionality can be performed without having to disturb the civil certification functionality.

Does CMA-5000 require forced air cooling?

The CMA-5000 does not require forced air cooling. It is cooled using convection cooling and self-contained fans.

How many Universal Carrier Cards (UCC) are in the CMA-5000?

Apart from one smart power supply management card with an embedded HUD driver and one FMS/GPS card, there are 3 UCCs-each with the capacity of carrying two PMCs..

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