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Welcome to Advanced Sensors - Farnborough

Originally started with Weston Electric Instrument Company founded by Dr Edward Weston (1850-1936) in 1888. Our Aviation origins date back to mid-1930’s with associated names of Sangamo, Schlumberger, and Solartron.

Today, Weston Aerospace is part of the Esterline Advanced Sensors platform within Esterline Technologies. Weston has two manufacturing sites one located in Farnborough, Hampshire and our smaller dedicated analogue indicator site based at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.  At Farnborough we design and manufacture temperature, speed and pressure sensors for gas turbine and airframe applications.  We also have extensive environmental test facilities to verify our products' performance, replicating and exceeding hostile operating conditions.

By our customers' own measures, we have a reputation for consistently delivering high quality products on time - achieved through a culture of continuous improvement and robust manufacturing process control.  We extend these disciplines into our new product introduction processes assuring support to our customers' own new product developments.

Against this stable background, we seek to push the boundaries of temperature, speed and pressure sensing capability matching our customers' technology roadmaps with innovative and unique solutions for future application.

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