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ESS Americas

Esterline Sensors Services Americas 

6900 Orangethorpe Avenue

Suite A
Buena Park, CA 90620 USA
Tel:  +1 714-736-7570
Fax:  +1 714-736-7580
E-mail: ESSA.CustomerService@esterline.com


John Law
Regional Sales Manager
Tel:  +1 657-465-4239
E-mail: john.law@esterline.com

Nary Tang
Regional Sales Manager
Tel:  +1 657-465-1256
E-mail: nary.tang@esterline.com

Roberto Buelna
Sales Manager Latin America
Tel:  +1 607-373-0605
E-mail: roberto.buelna@esterline.com

Customer Service

Michael Pupello
Tel:  +1 714-736-7563
E-mail: michael.pupello@esterline.com]

Raymond Carrillo
Spare Parts
Tel:  +1 714-736-7565


Marine & Industrial Distribution (LM-Series)

TransCanada Turbines is now the preferred distributor for I&M Esterline Advanced Sensors products in the Americas 

Tel: +1 281-880-2900 
E-mail:   TCT_Parts@tcturbines.com



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