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Codis Rugged Consoles and Workstations

Esterline’s Codis Vista solutions are high-end integrated workstations and consoles for operator and ground-control stations. They build in years of proven lessons and qualifications to ensure the highest performance and lowest risk possible on the market today.

Vista 4500 Consoles

Vista 4500 consoles

Codis Vista 4500-E and 4500-R consoles
offer powerful, robust capabilities for the most demanding applications: sonar, C&C, fire control, situational awareness, and more.


Vista 500-600-700 Consoles

   Vista 500 consoles

The Codis Vista 500-600-700 family of rugged consoles
are ideal for UAV shelters, ground-control stations, or battlefield surveillance systems. They implement new naval console architecture (zero client or thin client) for combat management systems as well as bridge or machine-room applications.



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