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Codis Ultra High-Definition (HD) Rugged Displays

Codis Ultra HD displays from Esterline deliver the highest possible resolution for applications that demand large images with granular detail. Units are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of typical mobile-shelter or naval environments. They also include next-generation technologies such as:

  • Power-efficient LED backlights to minimize heat and power draw
  • Fast response time for efficient rendering of moving images
  • Highly accurate infrared dual-touch control (touchscreen on Ultra HD-30 unit)

For background information on typical applications, please consult:

Visualizing high-definition full-motion video for unmanned vehicle systems



Codis Ultra HD-30
30-inch ultra-high-definition operator display
with touchscreen (2560x1600)

Codis Ultra HD-30 product specifications

  • Biggest single-operator display that is still ergonomically efficient
  • WQXGA (2560x1600) resolution
  • Digital map rendering at native resolution
  • Very quick LCD response time (approx. 12 ms) for accurate rendering of fast-moving images
  • Highly accurate infrared dual-touch technology (zoom, rotate, etc.)
  • Interaction with finger tips, gloves, or stylus
  • Power-efficient LED backlights
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Fan-less, fully sealed (IP64) design for noiseless operation and improved operator concentration
  • Fully MIL-qualified for vibration, shock, and EMI/ EMC

Codis Ultra HD-777
30-inch ultra-high-definition analyst display

Codis Ultra HD-777 product specifications

  • Ideal for high-res sonar and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications
  • 6-megapixel resolution (3280x2048) for superior target detection and identification
  • LCD flicker compensation for stable image
  • Fast response time
  • Power-efficient LED backlights
  • Wide viewing angle for multiple viewers
  • Fully rugged design


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