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Codis Thin, Lightweight (TL) Rugged Displays

Codis TL/2 series brochure

The Codis family of second-generation TL displays (TL/2) from Esterline offers significant benefits with respect to dimensions, ruggedization, and ergonomics. Codis TL displays combine unmatched thinness with exceptionally low weight to provide a unique, rugged display solution, especially for applications where space and weight are critical.

Codis TL displays include the latest innovations in electronics, input/outputs, video processing, and PCAP multi-touch technology. Available in different sizes and with different front-bezel or connector configurations, our TL displays address any mounting need in any application.

For background information, please consult:

Enhanced situational awareness for naval C4ISR

Visualizing high-definition full-motion video for unmanned-vehicle systems


Codis TL-248/2
19-inch thin, lightweight display
(1280 x 1024)

TL-248/2 product specifications


Codis TL-358/2
23-inch thin, lightweight display
(1920 x 1080)

TL-358/2 product specifications


Codis TL-354
21.3-inch thin, lightweight display
(1600 x 1200)

TL-354 product specifications



Features and Benefits

Environmental performance

  • Fully sealed display concept
  • Tested and qualified for extreme environments

Optical performance

  • Optimized LED backlight performance
  • Chemically strengthened and anti-reflective coated front glass
  • Optical bonding of LCD and front glass to reduce reflections and avoid condensation

Signal processing performance

  • Automatic adaptation for different input source specifications
  • Automatic gain control (AGC), automatic phase adjust (LFC)
  • LCD flicker compensation (patented)
  • Enhanced picture-in-picture and scaling capabilities

General performance

  • Compactness, low weight, minimal depth
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
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