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Codis Thin, Extreme (TX) Rugged Displays

When conditions become extreme, only extreme technologies can offer operators the reliability and survivability they need. For the demanding environments of the utility vehicle, helicopter, or armored vehicle, Esterline has developed the TX series of extremely rugged displays. TX displays offer an ideal solution for driver vision enhancement, reconnaissance or local situational awareness, and commander positions inside today's ruggedized vehicles.

Available in sizes from 10 to 17 inches, Esterline's TX displays offer the latest proven technologies, such as low-reflection touchscreens, NVIS capability, and sunlight readability. Esterline has designed its TX range with an innovative and patented thermal management system which makes the displays fit for the harshest temperature environments. The combination of low-risk, proven monitor technology with Esterline's innovations makes the TX series the most trusted mission-critical display solution for vehicle operations on the market.



Codis TX-340 display
Codis TX-340
15.6-inch thin, extreme display with wide screen (1920x1080)

TX-340 product specifications


Codis TX-126/2 display
Codis TX-126/2
10.4-inch thin and lightweight extreme display (1024 x 768 XGA)

TX-126/2 product specifications


Codis GVD-126

Codis GVD-126
10-inch GVA-compliant video

Codis GVD-126 product specs


Features and Benefits

  • Available in sizes 10-17 inches
  • Designed for harsh armoured-vehicle environments
  • NVIS compliant, with night-vision images free of color shift effects
  • High-bright LED backlighting for sunlight readability
  • Ruggedized analog-resistive, low-reflective touchscreens for high touch accuracy and resistance to dust and water
  • Unique thermal management system for improved LCD performance and operation up to 71 degrees C
  • Multiple inputs, including DVI, RGB, camera, USB, and serial connections
  • Graphics overlay on any background

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