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Codis Custom Rugged Displays

At Esterline, we know your project may require and benefit from a specific display solution. Sometimes an off-the-shelf product does not provide the functionality you need or does not meet your specific space constraints or environmental conditions. At the same time, we recognize the schedule and financial risk you take when ordering a customized solution.

That’s where our far-reaching expertise comes in, allowing us to create innovative, custom-made Codis rugged display solutions that meet your project-specific needs. With years of experience in supplying dependable display products to the defense community, we are committed to providing you with the best low-risk display solution for your program.

We can develop solutions from the ground up to meet your specific requirements, or adapt existing standard products for a particular application. Customers often seek our help for:

  • Ruggedization, including meeting MIL and other high-performance environmental standards
  • Specialized image processing and enhancement with high-performance optics, electronics, and software
  • Subsystem integration for turn-key solutions with complex functionality
  • HMI customization for optimal operator ergonomics
  • Configuration and obsolescence management over the product life-cycle
  • Support for testing and qualification

Examples of Custom Solutions


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Visualizing high-definition full-motion video for unmanned-vehicle systems

Codis RFD-454
Codis MTC-361/2
24-inch FHD multi-touch display
for shelter applications

MTC-361/2 product specifications

A full HD multi-touch display with medium ruggedization level, the MTC-361/2 is the second-generation MTC-361 unit, designed for safety-critical operation inside UAV ground control stations. Its exceptionally slim design and low weight make it perfectly suited not only for ground mobile and fixed shelter applications, but also for naval and industrial environments.

  • True drop-in replacement for first-generation MTC-361, with complete functionality
  • 24-inch display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Excellent brightness, crispness, contrast, and viewing angle
  • Long lifetime
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Frozen image detection
  • RS-422 touch communication
  • Intuitive projected capacitive (PCAP) touch control with up to 4 individual and simultaneous touches
  • Compatible with finger tips or conductive stylus
  • Dual DVI, VGA, and HD-SDI inputs for system flexibility

Codis TX-321S display
Codis TX-321S
Triple-head panoramic driver display
(3x 8-inch displays)

TX-321S product specifications

Designed for extremely demanding vehicle environments, the TX-321S display was adapted and selected for the British Army Specialist Vehicle Platform. Its triple-head solution is ideal for enhancing the driver's view and local situational awareness.

  • Three 8-inch displays with 3072x768 resolution
  • Low weight and slim design
  • Innovative thermal management system
  • LED backlights with high dimming ratio
  • Near-zero latency
  • Fully sealed, fanless design
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Intelligent LCD heater system for quick start-up in cold conditions
  • Generic vehicle architecture compliant (DEF STAN 23-09)
  • EMI/EMC: DEF STAN 59-411 Land Class A compliant
  • MilCAN-A interface




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