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Codis Vista 500-600-700 Rugged Consoles

Codis Vista 500-TD rugged console  


Codis Vista 500-SH rugged console



Advanced working positions for mission-critical applications in shelter and naval environments

The Codis Vista 500-600-700 console family — our latest offering — lets you equip ground-control stations, surface ships, and submarines with a broad range of rugged visualization capabilities.

These consoles are fully MIL-qualified for vibration, shock, and EMI/EMC, and offer superior ergonomics for the most demanding C&C, fire-control, or situational-awareness applications.

Three System Architectures

Our Vista 500-600-700 console family addresses different working positions:

Computing and graphics processing located away from the operator

  • Vista 500 console: zero-clients provide DVI/USB HMI for remote computing.
  • Vista 600 console: zero-clients provide network-attached HMI. In this version, the console integrates Codis RNA KVMA distribution over IP networks for real-time remote interaction between multiple users and computers, as well as enabling after-action review and distributed operations.

Remote data computing with workstation-based client graphics processing

  • Vista 700 console: the unit provides dedicated graphics/video-processing horsepower for user-specific visualization such as windowing, rendering, and mixing of multiple data and sensor sources. This integrated computer platform is based on the fourth-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors.



The power of networking

Our consoles are fully network capable, allowing operators to view and process radar, video, and RGB images anywhere on the network, providing greater accessibility to information and more flexibility to share sources.

Compact Codis display technology

Depending on your application, you can opt for one or two 23-inch rugged displays with HDTV (1920x1080) and an additional 10.1-inch rugged touchscreen (1024x600), which can be provided with P-CAP multi-touch touchscreen technology.

Ergonomic desktop

Codis Vista 500 consoles provide an ergonomic human-machine interface (HMI) based on a customizable desktop:

  • 10.1-inch rugged touch input display (1024x600) with multi-touch touchscreen
  • Industrial keyboard and sealed mouse (standard desktop)
  • Option for fully integrated rugged backlit keyboard and ergonomic 2-inch, 3-button trackball
  • Stereo audio speakers
  • Optional joysticks, audio/headset devices, one or two programmable secured pushbutton modules (smart keys)

Optional networked radar software

Optional Codis RDDS-2 software is a cost-effective radar visualization solution that lets you access radar sources over the network. By making expensive radar-scan conversion hardware redundant, it reduces system costs significantly.


Optional real-time video and recording solution

Optional Codis RNA KVMA distribution over IP networks allows real-time remote interaction between multiple users and computers, as well as enabling after-action review and distributed operations. It offers low-latency video streaming and lossless quality over 1Gbit and 10Gbit Ethernet networks. In addition, it allows recording of any high-resolution display up to 1920x1200 pixels, either locally on the console or on a remote network video server.



Specifications sheet

Codis Vista 500-600-700 consoles


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