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Codis Vista 4500 Networked Multi-Function Consoles

Codis Vista 4500-E rugged console   Codis Vista 4500-R rugged console



Modular, ergonomic, and rugged working positions for the most demanding applications

Vista 4500 consoles are modular and fully network capable, making them ideal for sonar, C&C, systems-control, and situational-awareness applications.

In particular, these consoles successfully address the needs of combat information center (CIC) rooms on board surface ships or submarines, where reduced manpower and low cost of ownership are a high priority. Networked visualization makes it possible to see any real-time data anywhere in the CIC room and offers high flexibility, redundancy, and survivability.

Two Configurations

  • Vista 4500-E (left): multi-function console featuring advanced and expandable computing based on the PICMG1.3 computer form factor (PCIexpress and PCI extension slots), highly cost-effective for a full range of C&C applications.
  • Vista 4500-R (right): multi-function console featuring expandable computing to support up to 10U of 19-inch rackable computer configurations (VME, cPCI multi-processor configuration).


Modular, user-configurable architecture

Codis Vista 4500 consoles feature a two-part design for optimal modularity and easy customization to meet all operational requirements:

  • Configurable base unit with expandable high-performance multi-core computing capabilities and full networking
  • Ergonomic human-machine interface (HMI) unit configurable with a wide choice of Codis high-perfomance AMLCD displays and a variety of input devices (trackball, keyboard, joystick, etc.)

The power of networking

Our consoles are fully network capable, allowing operators to view and process radar, video, and RGB images anywhere on the network, providing greater accessibility to information and more flexibility to share sources.

Compact Codis display technology

Our modular console architecture lets you take full advantage of all Codis thin and lightweight displays, developed to be extremely rugged, low weight, and compact. In particular, the Codis TL display series has been developed for easy integration into racks and consoles.

You can select your preferred size, from 19 to 30 inches, and several screen sizes can be configured into one desk.

Optional networked radar software

Optional Codis RDDS-2 software is a cost-effective radar visualization solution that lets you access radar sources over the network. By making expensive radar-scan conversion hardware redundant, it reduces system costs significantly.


Optional real-time video and recording solution

Optional Codis RNA KVMA distribution over IP networks allows real-time remote interaction between multiple users and computers, as well as enabling after-action review and distributed operations. It offers low-latency video streaming and lossless quality over 1Gbit and 10Gbit Ethernet networks. In addition, it allows recording of any high-resolution display up to 1920x1200 pixels, either locally on the console or on a remote network video server.



Specifications sheet

Codis Vista 4500 consoles



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