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Codis Solutions for Rugged Environments

Codis solutions for rugged environments


Land forces are facing new challenges, such as multi-mission operations, an ever growing amount of data, and increased operator workload, which greatly influence situational understanding. Our rugged and networked solutions for tracked and wheeled vehicle applications help create common situational awareness by making information visible to everyone in the decision-making process.

Naval and Maritime

In the space-constrained areas of combat ships and military vessels, Esterline presents real-time information with near-zero latency while creating an ergonomically friendly environment. Rated to MIL-S-901D and ECDIS-capable, Esterline Codis naval and maritime products provide operators with accurate sonar, radar, video, and metadata for faster decision making.

Shelters and Unmanned Systems

Esterline provides shelter and UAS ground-control-station operators and decision makers with the ability to see critical information much faster and more accurately, increasing their situational understanding and mission effectiveness. Esterline Codis rugged displays and visualization solutions have years of proven lessons and qualifications built in to ensure the highest performance and the lowest risk possible on the market today.



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