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Codis TCD-361/TS LED Wide-Screen Air-Traffic Tower Display

Codis TCD-361/LED wide-screen display   

24-Inch High-Bright LED ATC Display
with Optional Touchscreen

The Codis TCD-361/TS LED display is a 24-inch wide-screen display for ATC applications. Its high-bright LED backlight and WUXGA resolution bring optimum reading quality, reliability, and user comfort to tower control operators. It also offers optional PCAP multitouch functionality.


Perfect brightness at all times

The Codis TCD-361/TS LED display's long-life backlight system combined with Codis stabilization technology ensures consistent brightness over time. The integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness settings in function of the ambient light conditions. This unit is fanless and noiseless and has a compact footprint to save space in the air traffic control tower.

Why choose the TCD-361/TS LED display?

  • WUXGA resolution
  • PCAP multitouch support option
  • Long-life, power-efficient LED backlights
  • Backlight output stabilization technology
  • Ambient light compensation technology
  • Fan-less and noiseless
  • Viewable under all circumstances


Spec sheet

TCD-361/TS LED - Product specifications


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