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Codis NetViz At-The-Glass Recording Technology

PDFCodis NetViz flyer

PDFCodis NetViz specifications sheet (with MDP-471/4 display)

PDFWhite paper: Display and NetViz technology inside air-traffic management (ATM) architecture

Esterline has equipped its leading Codis MDP-471/4 display with the unique NetViz streaming capabilities. Built-in or retrofitted into your existing Esterline display, NetViz offers true At-The-Glass recording capabilities: the images are streamed with lossless compression and a low bandwidth, while an uncompressed, real-time, zero-latency stream is available for remote viewing.

Why Choose NetViz Technology from Codis?

  • Real At-The-Glass recording
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low bandwidth/IP traffic shaping
  • Multicast
  • Cost savings

Real At-The-Glass recording

The NetViz module allows the streaming of display data with lossless compression and a low bandwidth, at a typical 30 fps refresh rate. At the same time, an uncompressed, real-time, zero-latency stream is available for remote viewing, in pixel-perfect quality, exactly as it appears on the ATC display.


Easy to integrate

NetViz comes built-in into Esterline’s Codis MDP-471/4 display, yet the module can also be smoothly retrofitted into existing Codis displays. A dynamic library and product training are available to help business partners/customers easily integrate the NetViz module/ capabilities into their installations.


Low bandwidth/IP traffic shaping

To ensure streaming at low bandwidth (typically 1Mb/s), the data is loslessly compressed at the ‘display’ side to then be streamed at a typical 30 frames per second refresh rate. The intelligent Esterline codec allows balanced network traffic shaping and optimizes the performance and stability of the network infrastructures.



NetViz streams both the compressed and uncompressed info simultaneously to multicast IP addresses, thus ensuring that the stream can be viewed remotely at multiple concurrent locations. Turn the IP `flow’ around and the Codis display acts like a zero client when using the uncompressed streaming features.


Cost savings

Thanks to the low bandwidth record stream, NetViz minimizes the need for data storage. As no proprietary (networking) equipment is required, the technology helps users reduce cost while taking their Air Traffic Management architecture to a whole new level.


Codis MDP-471/4 display

NetViz comes integrated into Esterline’s market-leading Codis MDP-471/4 display.


NetViz Workflow

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