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Codis Air Traffic Control Displays

Codis display systems for air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic control (ATC) applications provide accurate real-time information throughout the ATM system. Comprising high-resolution displays, auxiliary displays and air traffic management display servers, Codis provides a complete range of display solutions for air traffic management and control.

Codis ATC displays are designed for optimum reading quality, reliability, and user comfort and even exceed the specifications imposed by the ATC community. They offer breakthrough LCD technology at the lowest life cycle cost and offer the best optical performance (brightness, contrast, and color behavior) for multi-display applications.


Square Main Radar Display

Codis MDP-471/4 main radar display


Wide-Screen Main Radar Display

Codis MDP-843 display

Codis MDP-471/4
28-inch fan-less LCD square main display for air traffic control

Now available with NetViz At-The-Glass recording technology


Tower Display


Codis TCD-361/LED tower display


Codis TCD-361/TS LED
24-inch wide-screen tower display for air traffic control



Codis MDP-843
43-inch fan-less LCD wide-screen main display for air traffic control

Auxiliary Display

The growing reliance on advanced software tools in today's ATC and ATM environments creates a need for more diverse HMI display surfaces. Today's air traffic controllers are using more and more tools to display an ever-increasing load of information. That's why Esterline has designed its Codis 24-inch ADP-361/3 display to offer extra visualization capabilities with respect to size and resolution, while maintaining a good optical match with the main display.

Codis ADP-361/3 display
Codis ADP-361/3

24-inch auxiliary display for air traffic control




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