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LRE Medical GmbH     

LRE Medical GmbH was founded in 1961 and is a part of Esterline Interface Technologies. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instrumentation for partnering companies. LRE’s engineers and manufacturing personnel continuously look for ways to optimize product design and manufacturing processes to improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten time to market. LRE focuses on IVD and life science products for Handheld, Point-of-Use and Laboratory markets.

LRE offers “One Stop Shopping” solutions (Engineering, Manufacturing, After Sales Service and Lifetime Product Support) for the Development and Manufacturing of innovative Devices. LRE routinely updates its rigorous design, development and quality manufacturing processes in compliance with DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 14001, and FDA CFR Part 820 for Class I through Class III Medical Devices.

LRE strongly believes in “Concurrent Engineering”. By developing the manufacturing process concurrently with product development, it significantly improves quality and reduces overall program and product cost. Concurrent Engineering helps to:

  • Speed up product development
  • Manage project risks, and 
  • Assure compliance with Design Control requirements

LRE’s core competencies include:

  • IVD instrumentation
  • Optical measurement (Reflectance, Fluorescence, Chemiluminescense)
  • Electrochemical measurement (Amperometry, Voltammetry, Magnetic Beads)
  • Liquid handling robotics (Mechanics, Fluidics, and Pneumatics)
  • Variable temperature control (Heating, Cooling) for reagents and specimens
  • Thermocycling
  • Firmware, Software and Connectivity
  • IVD Instrumentation employing test strips, lateral flow test strips, cuvettes, lateral flow cassettes, cartridges, microtiter plates, microchips, micro-fluidic devices, microarrays or other similar assay technologies

LRE Medical has provided its partnering companies with:

  • 50+ years of fully documented, competitively priced, high quality, user-friendly devices
  • 200+ successful instrument development programs
  • Millions of IVD devices manufactured and delivered - without a single recall

LRE Medical is a strategically selected outsourcing partner that is keenly aware that the quality of its services and IVD devices contribute directly to the Success of its partnering companies and its own successful operation.



 Transforming Ideas into Successful Products for 50+ Years!




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