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Kirkhill-TA Co.

Kirkhill-TA is a subsidiary of publicly traded Esterline Technologies (NYSE: ESL), Esterline Technologies is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets. In 1999, Esterline Technologies combined the resources of two of the world’s leading companies in engineered elastomer and aerospace clamping solutions: Kirkhill Rubber Company and TA Mfg. to form Kirkhill-TA. As part of the Esterline family, Kirkhill-TA maintains small company responsiveness with all the advantages of a larger company: industry expertise, financial strength and seasoned management. Esterline has manufacturing operations throughout the U.S. and Europe.

In April 2002, Esterline Technologies acquired Burke Industries’ Engineered Polymers Group, a leading supplier of elastomer-based products for the aerospace and defense industries. This included the operations known as the Haskon Division in Taunton, Massachusetts; the SFS Division (Silicone Fabrication Specialists) in Santa Fe Springs, California; and the CSE Division (Custom Silicone Elastomers) in Brea, California. Each of these companies became operating divisions of Kirkhill-TA. This acquisition along with the strength of Kirkhill-TA put the company in a favorable strategic position to provide the highest level of service and support possible along with being the dominant market leader in highly engineered elastomer products.

Kirkhill-TA has over 130 years of combined corporate experience in successfully meeting the engineered elastomer or aerospace clamping challenges in such diverse industries as commercial and military aviation, space and defense, medical/pharmaceutical, electronics, building and construction, sporting goods, house and garden, automotive and more. This diverse experience has produced an elastomer mixing, extrusion, calendering and molding capability that is unique in the industry.

Customers rely on Kirkhill-TA because they know that no quality standard is too high, no production run too long, and no assembly too complex for Kirkhill-TA’s team. In many instances, Kirkhill-TA has already met a custom or build-to-print elastomer challenge similar to yours. That experience means faster delivery, lower overall costs and higher product quality. It is also the reason why Kirkhill-TA is the largest custom-engineered elastomer manufacturer in the Western United States and one of the largest in the world.

Aerospace clamping and Kirkhill-TA are virtually synonymous. During the last 50 years, Kirkhill-TA has established a reputation for innovative aerospace clamping solutions for commercial and defense programs. Kirkhill-TA clamps can be found aboard virtually every prototype and production aerospace vehicle built during that period. This tradition continues today on programs such as the international space station where Kirkhill-TA is the only NASA approved clamp design and manufacturing supplier for astronaut accessible EVA requirements.

Innovative fireproof, thermal insulating, and EMI sealants are among Kirkhill-TA’s latest accomplishments.

Kirkhill-TA’s comprehensive in-house capability offers customers a full spectrum of materials development, design engineering, and manufacturing services. Kirkhill-TA chemists, engineers, and manufacturing experts partner with customer engineering and manufacturing teams from initial design consultation through material formulation, prototyping, testing, and full production. At every stage, Kirkhill-TA’s ISO approved quality system ensures the highest product quality.

The information presented within our web pages is designed to give you an overview of Kirkhill-TA’s comprehensive engineered elastomer capability. You’ll see and read about a product development and manufacturing partner you can rely on completely and never outgrow.