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Business Practices

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Esterline is committed to carrying out responsible business practices. Below, you will find further information on how the company executes business strategy with corporate responsibility in mind.

Approach to Tax Planning

The UK Finance Act of 2016 introduced the requirement to publish a UK tax strategy for multinational groups with sales in excess of €750 million and at least one UK subsidiary. The UK tax strategy sets out the business’ approach to tax planning, tax risk, and its approach to dealing with HMRC, the UK tax authority. The UK tax strategy statement aligns with Esterline’s commitment to corporate responsibility for tax compliance. As part of this tax strategy, Esterline is committed to:

  • Undertaking transactions in compliance with local law and international and OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) guidelines.
  • Full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to tax authorities relating to its tax activities.
  • Fully supporting the move towards greater transparency with tax authorities and the initiatives being introduced to enable this.
  • Considering the tax impact of every major business decision.

Required Disclosures and Postings

Esterline Group Tax Strategy Document

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